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Our Vision 

A universal repository of humanity’s entire technical knowledge efficiently accessible to everyone and anyone.

We know this is a moonshot. But isn’t it exciting? The entire technical knowledge of humanity in one single repository that is available to every creative mind on the planet and can be used and cross-referenced with ease?

We can’t realize this vision without you!

If our vision resonates with you, help us realize it! It can’t be realized
without community support from across the globe. PQAI needs to be supported by advisors to guide its development, AI practitioners to improve the algorithms, patent offices, and publishing houses to help make the data more accessible, as well as support from industry and corporates to drive the initiative forward.


If you have experience in the field of patents and/or AI, have led or provided guidance to technical projects, you can help realize the PQAI vision by being a part of the PQAI advisory board. Your strategic advice can have a tremendous impact on how efficiently inventors and innovators can make use of data to be more effective.

NLP practitioners

The technical challenge of PQAI is colossal. Searching chemical literature is much different than searching for a mechanical design. Each is a big challenge and there are many such challenges. No single mind (or even a small group) can solve this problem. That is one reason why PQAI is open-source. So if you are an AI/NLP practitioner, you can help PQAI by providing ideas, sharing opinions, directing the development to relevant research, taking part in the technical discussions on our forums.

Your inputs shall pave the way to the development of the biggest technology exploration system of the future.

Patent Offices

There is not one patent office in the world that is satisfied with their current patent examination efficiency. All PTOs are actively exploring/developing capabilities that can make their patent examination processes fast, robust, and transparent. Instead of each patent office developing/sourcing these solutions independently, they can invest in common, open-source solutions such as PQAI. Fundamental patent criteria don’t vary much from country to country, so it is possible.

Most PTOs are also determined to make their patent data more accessible, and PQAI can certainly help them make their patents available globally within minutes of their publication.

Public availability of PQAI and this data would also make it easier for inventors to run more thorough prior-art checks on their filings, which will definitely help PTOs to take patent quality to the next level.


A more stable and transparent patent ecosystem is great news for corporations. It makes their R&D investments more predictable, increases confidence in their patents, and makes risks and opportunities more visible.

You can fund the development of PQAI. Currently, PQAI version 1.0 is being developed. There is a long way to go.

With PQAI in your arsenal, you will be able to:

  • file better patents 
  • scan the technology space more easily and thoroughly 
  • won’t be worried about getting sued with bad patents

Publishing houses

Searching for non-patent literature is more challenging because of the scattered data. There is no one repository of all the technical publications across the world. A lot of this data is not open-access and the publishers need to ensure control over their data.

Imagine if PQAI could connect all these data sources to one search interface while giving the publishers full control over their data: wouldn’t that be amazing?

Publishers integrate PQAI search capability in their systems and connect their data with the PQAI network. They will retain full control over their data.

As a publisher, when you allow PQAI to search in your database you will be able to reach a wider audience. Say, currently XXX people buy papers/magazines/other publications from you. Once you are part of the PQAI network, other PQAI users will be able to find your publishings, hence expanding your user base.

Also, when you use PQAI’s search engine; it will provide AI search capability to your readers. Your readers will be able to find better results.

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