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Innovate with confidence

PQAI aims to create data and AI-driven tools to help inventors evaluate their ideas, discover prior relevant work, and be more successful at the patent office.

Patent Quality Artificial Intelligence

A movement to bring openness, transparency, and inclusion to the patent system with open-source innovation supporting tools

Why did we start this movement?

To level the playing field

Currently, only big corporations and patent offices have the resources to run thorough prior-art checks. They alone decide how to conduct a search through the humongous heap of patents. This has two major drawbacks.

First - there’s a lack of improvement in patent data processing. Innovations from researchers and developers around the world should be incorporated.

Second—only a handful of experts know how to search through complex patent data. This makes patent-related projects extremely expensive. In fact, they are unaffordable for many.

Need for easily accessible patent search

Patents are written in a complex language, making them hard to comprehend. In contrast, inventors come up with their ideas in plain English. So, even though free patent search sources are available, inventors can’t really benefit from them.

PQAI wants to bridge that gap by accepting the inventor’s query in natural language and querying the patents in patent language.

Decent work has been done, but researchers like you can add a lot more value to the search algorithms.

The Plea of Under-Resourced Inventors

It may cost anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 to successfully get a patent.

Imagine an intelligent person whose ideas can contribute to bettering the world but doesn't have the right resources to do it. Yes, there are pro-bono programs, but few of them can help with a deep prior art search. This makes patent prosecution a scary affair for under-resourced inventors.

PQAI wants to create equal opportunity for everyone, including women and people from diverse backgrounds who have been underserved by the patent process.

Easier prior art search drives innovation for society as a whole

Around 86% of patent applications are rejected at least once. As inventors are not prior art search experts, they sometimes file patents for existing innovations.

Lack of research keeps them blinded to how other inventors have approached the same problem and they miss out on brainstorming opportunities with other inventors.

We are on a mission to make prior art search easy and intuitive so that all inventors can better test their ideas.

How PQAI benefits inventors?

Evaluate your ideas

PQAI can help you understand whether the idea you just had is really new or have you just reinvented the wheel.

This knowledge can help you decide which ideas to pursue and which ones to abandon.

PQAI Search Engine

An important check to make

Once you have a solution to your problem you would want to make sure that you have not reinvented the wheel!

This is an important check you should make before investing heavily in realizing your idea or filing a patent.

PQAI helps you make sure of this.

Invent better, faster

People behind PQAI

Sam Zellner, a prolific inventor with 200+ patents to his name, has been leading the PQAI project since his time at AT&T Intellectual Property.

Ready to be a part of this initiative?

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