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Open source AI tools
for patent data mining

Are you a researcher/developer working with patent data?
Use PQAI's open source libraries, AI models, and datasets to accelerate your work. We also invite you to contribute to PQAI to help the entire researcher community working in this field.

Patent Quality Artificial Intelligence

A movement to bring openness, transparency, and inclusion to the patent system with an open-source library of patent data processing tools.

How is PQAI relevant for researchers?

No need to start from scratch

PQAI provides a range of software tools and models for storing, retrieving, searching, encoding, and classifying patent data. Use them to quickly set up a research environment. This way, your focus stays on the problem you are solving and not on getting the prerequisites ready. PQAI also has US patent data in JSON format, which you can download or pull through an API.

Put your research in production

Have a great AI model, a dataset, or a software tool as the outcome of your research? Want to make it available for everyone to use? Align and contribute it to PQAI so that thousands of users can use it in real life.

Benchmarking datasets & models

Use the classification and ranking datasets that we have put together to train and benchmark your AI models. PQAI also provides models trained using the same datasets. Use them as a baseline to evaluate the performance of your techniques. If you have created datasets that you think other researchers could use, consider contributing them.

A range of research topics

Looking to do a thesis on a challenging problem in NLP? We have some well-defined problems in the domain of patent data mining. Take a look and see if one of them interests you. The PQAI ecosystem and developer community are there to support you.



Take a look at PQAI's open source repositories on GitHub to find something of your use or interest.


Researchers can send requests to the PQAI API from within the project and build upon those results to add more functionality.

Apps built using the PQAI library

People behind PQAI

Sam Zellner leads the PQAI project. A prolific inventor with more than 200 patents to his name, Sam is also on the board of the United States, Georgia, and Illinois Intellectual Property Alliances. His experience includes leading the development and monetization of AT&T’s wireless patent portfolio, creating AT&T’s internal crowdsourcing innovation program. In addition, Sam is an IAM Top 300 IP Strategist.

Ready to be a part of this initiative?

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